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The fully furnished communal apartments in "Q1" are approx. 220 m² in size and are ideal for students or technicians living together. All single rooms can be individually accessed and locked from the hallway. Each resident has 2 large, bright, modern shower rooms and a large eat-in kitchen for "cooking and cozy get-togethers" to share. Each room has a bed, wardrobe, a small desk and Smart TV, WiFi and LAN connection. Furnishings are in new condition from 2019 in a modern style


By clicking the left mouse button you can look around in the virtual tour. On your smartphone or tablet, simply swipe to the left, top right and bottom. You can visit all rooms of the apartment in our virtual tour. You can switch between the different rooms by clicking on the four tiles at the bottom right! With a click on the info symbol you get more detailed descriptions of the individual rooms. You can zoom by turning the mouse wheel.

Everything you need is already there!

17 single rooms
fully furnished

in 3 apartments with each

5 or 6 rooms for  single rental

between 16 - 27 m²

The  usable area of the common area is 101 - 111 m² depending on the apartment and is added proportionately to the rooms

1 eat-in kitchen

with all appliances and Kochinse, TV + sitting area

per apartment

approx. 220 m²
fully furnished

Total area consisting of community area and single room area

smart tv

in every room

2 shower rooms
washing+drying room

per flat share








High-Speed WLan everywhere

the costs in the overview

Basic rent

€7.42 / m²
FROM 255 €  to 333 €

Furniture surcharge

  100,- € 

Flat rate for operating costs

125,- €

Flat rate for electricity costs

60,- € 

WiFi usage fee

15,- € 

Total expenditure monthly

545 € to 633 €

(is equivalent to€17.97 - €20.86 /day / warm )

Die basic rentThefurnishing surchargeis fixed for the entire rental period but is also payable if the tenant does not want individual pieces of furniture/decoration or would like to exchange them for their own. Pieces of furniture that are not required are then stored in the property free of charge and can be reclaimed by the tenant at any time. theOperating fee  can be adjusted appropriately at the beginning of a new billing period if this is justified by cost increases.  The   costs are taken as a basis . For the use of the common rooms, rent and operating costs   are allocated in equal parts to the room tenants . (included in the above prices). The landlord only issues an annual operating cost statement at the request of the tenant. With theElectricity feethe electricity costs for individual consumption in the shared room and the common rooms (kitchen, hallways, bathrooms) are covered in the current billing period. The apartment / room does not have its own supply connection with an electricity provider. . The flat-rate electricity fee can be increased by the landlord for the future if the flat-rate electricity fees paid by the tenants of a flat share no longer cover the actual costs. Thatusage fee  for Internet/WLAN and connecting the smart TV to the network is currently a flat rate of 15 euros/month. It is not optional and must be paid even if the tenant states that he/she does not use the network.  Upon conclusion of the contract, aDepositof € 1,000 is due. It is a prerequisite for handing over the keys. Bei abstract  a one-time fee for cleaning the shared room and the furnishings of € 85 is payable.


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