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The single apartments in "Q1" are approx and a small fully equipped kitchen. The apartments have Smart TV, LAN, desk, office chair, box spring bed, sofa, coffee table and wardrobe. All rooms are equipped to a higher standard, e.g. B. mit Ambiente Beleuchtung, Parkettboden und Fliesen in Bad und Küche. Bei Bedarf kann ein eigener, faster DSL telephone connection can be switched on.  Internet can be used via fast WLAN.  A washing and drying room is available in the basement for use._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Travel luggage (suitcases, etc.) can be deposited free of charge in the building via the administration.


By clicking the left mouse button you can look around in the virtual tour. On your smartphone or tablet, simply swipe to the left, top right and bottom. You can visit all rooms of the apartment in our virtual tour. You can switch between the different rooms by clicking on the four tiles at the bottom right! Have fun!


22 sqm

Living space per apartment


with all appliances and dishes.

living area

with sofa, bed and desk


High speed WiFi

1 shower room

for sole use

smart tv

in the room

the costs in the overview

Basic rent

€11.50/m² €302.00

Furniture surcharge


Flat rate for operating costs


Flat rate for electricity costs

60,- € 

WiFi usage fee

15,- € 

Total expenditure monthly


(corresponds to €20.84 /day / warm )

Die basic rent increases by 3% annually Derfurnishing surchargeis fixed for the entire rental period. even if the tenant does not want individual pieces of furniture/decoration or would like to exchange them for their own. Pieces of furniture that are not required are then stored in the property free of charge and can be reclaimed by the tenant at any time. theOperating fee  can be adjusted appropriately at the beginning of a new billing period if this is justified by cost increases.  The   costs are taken as a basis .  The landlord only issues an annual operating cost statement at the tenant's request. With theElectricity feethe electricity costs for individual consumption in the shared room and the common rooms (kitchen, hallways, bathrooms) are covered in the current billing period. The individual rooms do not have their own consumption meters, so the tenant does not have to worry about registering for electricity. The electricity is therefore provided by the landlord.  The flat-rate costs can only be increased by the landlord for the future if the flat-rates paid by the tenants of a shared flat no longer cover the actual costs. Thatusage fee  for Internet/WLAN and connecting the smart TV to the network is a flat monthly fee

15 euros/month. It is not optional and must be paid even if the tenant indicates that he does not use the network.  Upon conclusion of the contract, aDepositof 1000,- € due. It is a prerequisite for handing over the keys. Bei abstract  a one-time cleaning fee of €85 is payable for the room in shared accommodation and the furnishings. 

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