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Quarter 1

  Live and Workspace under one roof

5.800 m² sqare meters

Quarter 1 is located directly opposite Oberhausen main station. It used to be the historic post office building. In the meantime, a modern property has been created here on a total area of ​​around 5,800 square meters, which includes commercial and high-quality furnished apartments and rooms in shared apartments, mainly for those looking for temporary accommodation (students, rooms for fitters). Due to its central location and very good transport connections to bus and train, you can easily reach the neighboring cities of Essen, Düsseldorf, Mülheim, Duisburg etc.

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In Quarter 1, in building part D on floors 1-3, there is a luxuriously designed, approx. 260 m² shared apartment, furnished with 5-6 shared rooms each, which can also be rented for short periods. The room rent includes the use of the spacious common areas (2 bathrooms, 1 large eat-in kitchen and furnished single apartments. They are perfect for tenants who are temporarily looking for modern, high-quality accommodation with good transport connections for educational and professional reasons.

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In Quartier 1, building parts A-C currently house a Postbank branch, the House of Juvenile Justice consisting of the police, the public prosecutor's office and youth court assistance, as well as other small businesses. Space is still available for rent for office purposes

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